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School Policies
St. Boden’s N.S.
Homework Policy

This policy was reviewed by Board of Management meeting October 2017.
        To re-enforce work already done at school
        To strengthen link between home and school
        To establish a work ethic in the child from an early stage
        To develop study skills
        To aid the transfer to secondary school
Frequency/Time Guidelines
Homework is given every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (with occasional exceptions).
Time may vary from week to week or from beginning of year to end. Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time.
The following are guidelines only:
        Infants:15 minutes
        1st/2nd : 15 minutes – 30 minutes
        3rd/4th : 30 minutes – 40 minutes
        5th/6th : 40 minutes – 1 hour
Ideally homework will contain a balance between reading tasks, learning tasks and written tasks. Literacy and Numeracy will be a big component of all homework at all levels every night.
Sample Infant Homework
Junior – Phonics / handwriting or number work & sound book
Senior – Reading / maths, word box & sound book.
Middle Classes
Spellings (English & Irish)   Tables in 3rd term
Written exercises
Senior Classes
Maths /Exercises from Maths Books /Shadow Books
Written computation/worksheets
Spellings ( English & Irish)
Written assignments from Spellings workbook
Finish – History / Geography / SPHE  assignments started in class
Book reports
Remember: Reading is encouraged at all times!
Please find attached suggested reading lists for different class levels.
Parent’s Role
Parents are invited to ensure time and space is allocated for homework.
Parents are also invited to sign homework diary every day.
Parents have a very important role in listening to reading, spellings, table etc.
If homework is causing lots of stress and anxiety please talk to your child’s teacher.
Teacher’s Role
Teachers correct all homework every day.
If homework is not being done on a regular basis your child’s teacher will contact you.
Homework Diary
Every child from 1st to 6th class inclusive has a homework diary. Each day’s homework is written in on the day. Please check and sign every day.
The homework diary is also a convenient way for you to pass on messages about appointments, absenteeism’s, difficulties with homework etc.
Infant children have a homework wallet which contains all homework.
Special Needs.
Homework is assigned by Class Teacher/Resource Teacher / Learning Support Teacher in line with their support plan.
Ratification – By Members of Board of Management October 2017
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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